Geometry which figure represents the image of trapezoid lmnp after a reflection across the x-axis?

A Step-by-step explanation: Ed2020

Consider trapezoid LMNP with vertices at points (-2,3), (-2,6), (-1,6) and (-1,4), respectively. The reflection across the x-axis has a rule: (x,y)→(x,-y). Then L(-2,3)→L'(-2,-3)M(-2,6)→M'(-2,-6)N(-1,6)→N'(-1,-6)P(-1,4)→P'(-1,-4) As you can see points L’, M’, N’ and P’ form trapezoid L’M’N’P’ and this is exactly figure A. correct choice is A.

A Step-by-step explanation: Imagine folding the graph in half on the x-axis and tracing the shape on the other side. Ps. x-axis is horizontal (left-right), y-axis is vertical (up-down)

Answer is C hope this helps

The answer is Figure A

Answer Prime

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