Using the given zero, find one other zero of f(x). explain the process you used to find your solution. (3 points) 1 – 6i is a zero

Step-by-step rationalization: The expression represents a fancy quantity. Significantly, advanced options cannot occur in odd quantity, for instance, the minimal advanced options an expression can have is 2. Moreover, advanced options are associated by conjugates, which implies the second answer to this polynomial is , as a result of is the conjugate of the given … Read more

Geometry which figure represents the image of trapezoid lmnp after a reflection across the x-axis?

A Step-by-step clarification: Ed2020 Think about trapezoid LMNP with vertices at factors (-2,3), (-2,6), (-1,6) and (-1,4), respectively. The reflection throughout the x-axis has a rule: (x,y)→(x,-y). Then L(-2,3)→L'(-2,-3)M(-2,6)→M'(-2,-6)N(-1,6)→N'(-1,-6)P(-1,4)→P'(-1,-4) As you may see factors L’, M’, N’ and P’ type trapezoid L’M’N’P’ and that is precisely determine A. right selection is A. A Step-by-step clarification: … Read more

A balloon has a circumference of 16 cm. Use the circumference to approximate the surface area of the balloon to the nearest square

A balloon has a circumference of 16 cm. Use the circumference to approximate the ground house of the balloon to the closest sq. centimeter. The reply is 256 cm 2 n Step-by-step clarification: 168  cm2 Step-by-step clarification: good day the circumference is given by the formulation the place now with the radius of the balloon … Read more

Im stuck evaluate the expession. 9! /3! 3 6 60,480 362,874

Im caught consider the expession. 9! /3! 3 6 60,480 362,874 reply is third choice Possibility third 60,480 Clarification: Given expression is the same as after cancelling out the identical phrases from numerator and denominator we’ll get and  after simplification we’ll get 72*42*20 after additional simplification we’ll get 60,480 step-by-step rationalization: the multiplicative inverse of … Read more

What are the three forms (shapes) of arabesques used in rococo architecture?

What are the three varieties (shapes) of arabesques utilized in rococo structure? Within the Rococo type, partitions, ceilings, and moldings have been embellished with delicate interlacings of curves and countercurves based mostly on the elemental shapes of the “C” and the “S,” in addition to with shell varieties and different pure shapes. Hope this solutions … Read more