What kind of student will succeed in IB Math?

There is no one type of student that will succeed in IB Math. However, there are certain qualities that will help students succeed in this challenging program.  First and foremost, students need to be strong in mathematical skills. They need to be able to understand complex concepts and be able to work through difficult problems. … Read more

Guadalupe’s credit card has an apr of 23%, calculated on the previous monthly balance, and a minimum payment of 2%, starting the

People Reviews 96% Clarification: 23% Clarification: Reply 6 Earlier steadiness + new prices – principal paidhope this : ) To search out the curiosity cost to an account, you need to multiply the steadiness by the % charge (APR).  The issue on this case is that curiosity is charged month-to-month, however the charge is yearly. … Read more

A brief overview of the chemical equation balancer

Symbolic representation of chemical equations is to balance the equation in the form of symbols and chemical reactions. In the left-hand column, reactants are written, and in the right-hand column, products are written. Equation balancer involves the stoichiometry coefficient. It can allow us to use it without any payment method. The equation balancer online tool … Read more

Lee has a jar of 100 pennies. she adds groups of 10 pennies to the jar. she adds 5 groups. what numbers does she say?

People Reviews 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150. If counting by tens 10×5 equals 50 50+100 equals 150 it is 150 hope I helped Answer 6 Lee has 5 containers and those containers contains, “110, 120, 130, 140, 150.”    Further Explanation:Lee’s start at 100. Each time she incorporates 10 pennies she says the number. … Read more

Geometry which figure represents the image of trapezoid lmnp after a reflection across the x-axis?

A Step-by-step clarification: Ed2020 Think about trapezoid LMNP with vertices at factors (-2,3), (-2,6), (-1,6) and (-1,4), respectively. The reflection throughout the x-axis has a rule: (x,y)→(x,-y). Then L(-2,3)→L'(-2,-3)M(-2,6)→M'(-2,-6)N(-1,6)→N'(-1,-6)P(-1,4)→P'(-1,-4) As you may see factors L’, M’, N’ and P’ type trapezoid L’M’N’P’ and that is precisely determine A. right selection is A. A Step-by-step clarification: … Read more

The slope formula can be used to prove that a triangle has

The slope components can be utilized to show {that a} triangle has a. congruent sides b. a proper angle c. parallel sides d. congruent angles The slope components can be utilized to show {that a} triangle has A. Congruent Sides B. A proper angle C. Parallel sides D.Congruent angles Step-by-step clarification: The components for locating the slope of a … Read more

The box plots show attendance at a school dance competition and school badminton games. box plots titled attendance at school dance

The IQR is a greater measure of unfold for dance competitions than for badminton video games. Step-by-step rationalization: I perceive from “Dance Competitors field plot has interquartile ranges roughly between 60 and 130” that quartile 1 is at 60 and quartile 3 is at 130, then, the interquartile vary (IQR) is 130 – 60 = … Read more