In triangle trs, vz = 6 inches. what is rz?

In triangle trs, vz = 6 ins. something rz? 3 ins 6 ins 12 ins 18 ins

Insufficient information required to be able to respond to this concern is offered.
RZ=frac{2}{3} RV RZ= frac{2}{3}*18=12 ins
Get the worth of RZ
12 ins. Length from vertex toward centroid is twice the length from centroid sideways opposite it.

Component 1) we understand the Centroid of a Triangle could be the center for the triangle which can be determined as point of intersection of all three medians of a triangle. The Centroid divides each median into two portions whoever lengths have been in the proportion so we now have substitute discover RZ and so the solution component 1) could be the alternative C component 2) Statements situation A) ∠BEC is an exterior angle The declaration is fake as, ∠BEC is a internal direction situation B) ∠DEC is an exterior direction. we understand that An exterior direction is made by one part of a triangle additionally the expansion of some other part and so the declaration does work situation C) ∠ABE and ∠EBC tend to be additional perspectives. we understand that ∠ABE+∠EBC= ——-> by supplementary perspectives and so the declaration does work situation D) ∠BCF and ∠BEC tend to be additional perspectives   The declaration is fake since the best way that’s true is the fact that triangle BEC is isosceles which the ∠BEC is equivalent to the ∠BCE   situation E) ∠BEC is a remote interior direction to outside F.∠BCF we understand that Remote inside perspectives will be the interior perspectives of a triangle that aren’t right beside certain direction. Each interior direction of a triangle features two remote outside perspectives. Inside issue  ∠BEC features two remote outside perspectives (∠BCF and ∠EBA) and so the declaration does work

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