Does Jason Voorhees have a middle name?

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Michael Myers has a middle name (Michael Audrey Myers)

I think its Montgomery

Jason Voorhees Middle Name

Actually. It is a little known fact his middle name is, Lark. After Jason goes to New York he was cast as a member of Saved By the Bell.


nope, just plain old Jason Voorhees.

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His middle name is cited in some sources as being “Elias” after his father.

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Nope, he doesn’t have one at all. I’m a fan of this and already researched.


he does but he is really embarrassed about it.

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Does Jason Voorhees have a middle name?

Every Friday the 13th movie begins with a scene of young Jason Voorhees drowning in Crystal Lake. As he clutches at the reeds, his mother Pamela watches on, frozen in shock and unable to do anything to help her son. From that day on, Pamela is driven by grief and is consumed by her desire for revenge. In the original Friday the 13th movie, we never learn what Jason’s middle name is. However, in the Friday the 13th: The Game, released in 2017, his full name is finally revealed to be Robert.

Jason’s family history

Jason Voorhees’ middle name is Alexander. It was his mother’s maiden name. He was named after her.

The Voorhees name

It’s no secret that Jason Voorhees doesn’t have a middle name. In fact, it’s one of the things that makes him so unique. But where did the name “Voorhees” come from?

There are several theories out there, but the most likely explanation is that it was simply a made-up name. It’s possible that the name was inspired by the Dutch word “voorhees”, which means “ahead” or “in front”. This would make sense, considering that Jason is always one step ahead of his victims.

Another theory is that the name was inspired by the Dutch city of Voorhees, which is located in the province of Zeeland. This theory is supported by the fact that Jason’s mother, Pamela, was born in Zeeland.

Whatever the origin of the name, there’s no doubt that it’s creepy and fitting for a horror movie icon.

Does Jason have a middle name?

We don’t know for sure, but there are some theories out there. Some say that his middle name is Michael, after his mother’s maiden name. Others believe that Jason’s middle name is Alan, after the actor who played him in Friday the 13th Part III.

Whatever his middle name is, it’s clear that Jason Voorhees is one of the most iconic movie villains of all time. So even if we never find out his middle name, he’ll always be remembered as the hockey-mask wearing killer who just won’t stay dead.


It’s a common question among Friday the 13th fans – does Jason Voorhees have a middle name? Unfortunately, there is no clear answer. While some sources claim that his middle name is Robert, others say that it isn’t known. So for now, we’ll just have to keep wondering…

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