Does anybody know about the “666” house in Henderson/Las Vegas?

There is a supposed haunted house in Henderson/Las Vegas on the corner of 5 Pennies Lane and Pecos Rd, directly across the street from Wayne Newton’s residence, but I do not know of the specifics regarding the haunting or what initially happened there. Does anybody know what the deal is? I know it is supposed to deal with fire as part of the story I’ve heard is that it’s burned several times, witnessing one of them myself a few years back personally, and I heard the urban myths in high school. Can anybody help out? A police report would be great, I know they’re public record.

The house exists directly across from Wayne Newton’s home within visual distance of his horse stables, and has had many owners over the last 21 years. I did a little searching a year or so ago and came up with exactly nothing. There are no news reports in the LVRJ or LV Sun about crimes there or fires there, but several years ago you could see severe fire damage in all windows and part of the roof was caved in. The one neighbor I did manage to get to tell me anything stated that there have been many different owners since it was built (most private sales), and since all the rumor and conjecture over the place has kept construction crews from working on it it has obtained a “haunted” reputation. After an additional bit of digging with the address provided (and the ZIP is actually 89120, maybe a typo on the OP’s part) I came across recent sales records and appraisal information. As of 2004 it was most recently sold for over $450k, but as of this summer due to damage, neglect, and a severely depressed economy in the area the value has plummetedd to just over $95k.

There is additional here-say about the location being overseen by demons and not ghosts, related to the origin of it’s name as “The 666 house”. Supposedly there were financial issues with the original builder and had to be sold within a year of completion. Unfortunately it sat vacant for at least 2-3 years and became the site of a major meth-lab. The squatters, in addition to the meth lab, also allegedly partook in cult-like activities including sacrifice (animal and human). When the house was cleared by LVMPD they discovered several incomplete human bodies dismembered and scattered amongst the damage to the home as well as words/script/drawings on the walls and floors in human blood.

Now, I don’t believe that cult and sacrifice nonsense, but this is what I’ve been hearing since high school and college. I do believe, however, that something is keeping the house from being completely renovated, sold, or demolished. I would love to know who the real owner is, hell for $95k I’d buy it for just the land! At 22,000 sq feet that is a steal regardless of reputation

Source(s): Multi-generational resident of Henderson and Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Haunted House

Haunted Houses In Las Vegas

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I live on the street next to five pennies and there is an abandoned home there. people have claimed its haunted but really it just caught on fire and was never fully finished. I used to go un there with my nanny when I was young and there were no hauntings it is all just a myth.

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I saw a cable show that had these people guys come to Vegas to a house that was under control of the Mafia with very strange happenings. A sink was removed and blood was still in the pipes. This house was being renovated the walls were stripped down to just the lumber. You could see the whole the house thru the bare walls. This house was like a yellow color.

It is there. Not sure what the history is of it, but it has been under constant construction for several years…

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