I have my cheer captain tryout tomorrow and we have to give a one minute or less speech about why we think we should be captain. I can speak well and I know why I want to and why i should be captain, it is just hard for me to write speeches. In our speech it requires experience and my experience is dance for 9 years and gymnastics for one year giving me good flexibility, and student council giving me the leadership it takes to be a captain. I am bold and always energetic. I really want my team to be the best it can be. And I just want to spread school spirit.

As you know, many people would love the oppurtunity to be cheerleading captain. I think that I am right for the job because I have all of the qualities of a good cheer captian. First of all, I have a lot of experience. I have taken dance for 9 years and gymnastics for 1 year giving me great flexibility and coordination.I have been a member of the student council so I understand responsibility and have experience with leadership. Another one of my terrific traits is that I am always peppy and energetic, which is great for spreading school spirit. Isn’t that what cheerleading is all about? Overall, I want our cheerleading team to reach it’s full potential. If you select me as captain, the cheer squad will be in good hands!

I want to be cheer captain because I want to make this team the best it can be. Being captain can be one of the most important aspects of a cheer leading squad, but with my hard work and determination, I can take this squad far. I am well prepared to take on the responsibility’s that come my way. I am experienced with 9 years of dance and one year of gymnastics.I have the leadership I need to run this squad as well. I do great with what I love to do, and Cheer leading is my passion. I know and believe that I can take this position and do great.

I have a constructive and vigorous perspective that’s anything a captain will have to have, due to the fact that it makes you any individual that sons and daughters can appear as much as, and I continuously recognise there’s a yound woman within the stands that admires cheerleaders within the stands. And I continuously feel to myself, ‘Don’t Let her Down’ ((((Even in the event you dont, it sounds well)))) If you have chose me captain, you ladies is probably not permit down, and neither will that woman within the stands. Thank You!

I really like the speech that starts with I want to be cheer captain because, I think it is really good. It is strong. The other one has “as you know… “(they already know and don’t want to be informed!!) also, it says “if you choose me”. that isn’t a good idea to do. it does not show confidence.

Talk about how much effort you put into it, but do not only for the other football players, but for the luv of cheerleading

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