What does the spanish word “Amorsote” means?

I’ve heard of “Amor” or “amorcito/ta” but never Amorsote… Any ideas?

Well, it’s slang; there’s no official word in Spanish as the above stated. I certainly have never encountered it. Based upon the way it looks, I would say it’s slang for the adjective amoroso/a. It must mean along the lines of: cute, lovely, sweet, darling etc. If I could see it in its entire context, I might be able to put it into words. In Spanish, when an adjective ends with ote, like grandote, it means a really big example of the subject matter. Un hombre grandote is a really big man; so based on that, this can probably be translated along those lines. Mi amorsote could be my big sweetheart!

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AMOR: is ‘Love’ in Spanish.

AMORCITO: is the diminutive version of yhe word Love in Spanish, it means “Little Love” and it’s usually used as a nickbame for a loved one or a baby.

AMORSOTE: Is the augmentative verdion of the word Love in Spanish and it means “Big Love”, it’s used as a nickname for a big or tall loved one or to describe that you love someone very much.

well if you know the mean of “amorcito”
amorsote is the opposite
I mean amorcito literally is my little love
so amorsote is my big love
that’s the exactly translation
amorsote usually shows that you love him very much
amorcito usually is more cute
but the point is the same

sorry if I made a mistake Im not an english native

Sote Definition

its like ; “hey my love” or “hey love” but its sort of saying “hey mi big love” its like a sweet word. like sweetie or honey. I love the word “Amorsote” it makes me smile heheh ♥

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