what weighs 500 grams exactly?

i need to calibrate a scale i have

What Household Items Weigh 100 Grams

It’s impossible to get something that weighs exactly 500 grams, as that means zero error, and that is just not possible.
100 NEW US nickels will be pretty close. I don’t know what the tolerance the US mint uses, but my guess would be better than 0.5 grams. IF you get new coins from a bank.
You might want to make up a bundle and have it weighed at your local university lab. Or you may be able to find a jeweler who has an accurate scale.

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1/2 kilogram or 1/2 liter of pure water each weigh 500 grams.

i think 200 pennies is 500 grams

1/2 liter of water weighs 500 g at 4 deg C.

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a 500 gram pack of frozen peas

two and a half nickel rolls should weigh 500 grams (100 nickels). Each nickel is 5.0000 (thousandths) grams, so 20 nickels would be 100 grams, 50 nickels is 250 grams and so on. By the way, U.S nickels, according to the U.S mint, weigh 5.0000 grams

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A big bag of pot that weighs 500 grams, exactly.

Answer 6

1/2 kilogram or 1/2 liter of pure water each weigh 500 grams.

0.5 Litres of pure water at 4.0°C has a mass of exactly 500 grams.
1.0g of Pure water at 4.0°C is the standard used for Density i.e. 1.0g/mL.
This is equal to 1.0 kg per Litre and 1,000kg/m³.
This standard figure is taken as a ratio between water and other liquids and solids.
For example: Mercury is 13.6 times heavier than water (It has a Specific Gravity of 13.6)..
Therefore, by using the water standard density of 1.0g/mL, 1.0mL of mecury has a mass of
1.0g/mL x 13.6 = 13.6g/mL of mercury and,
1.0kg/L x 13.6 = 13.6kg/L of mercury and,
1,000kg/m³ x 13.6 = 13,600kg of mercury.
Also, Ethanol has a Specific Gravity of 0.789.
Again, using water as the standard, 1.0g/mL x 0.789 = 0.789g/mL of Ethanol….
= 0.789 kg/L etc..

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