A delivery truck uses $375 in gasoline during a 3 week period. If the truck is driven 5 days per week, how much is spent on gas each day?

Ok I accept that to some people numbers are just a blur. So I’ll walk you through the procedure to work out the massive mathematical problem. Before we start can I just check you are old enough to post on YA?

The information that you have is that a vehicle uses $375 worth of fuel over a 3 week period but only runs 5 days per week

So 3 (weeks) times 5 (days) equals 15.
Divide the $375 by 15 gives the result of $25 for each day it runs
But the question asks how much is spent each day. This is rather ambiguous as does the question mean each day the vehicle runs or each day of the 3 week period? In other words the average over a 21 day period (3 x 7 =21)
If so then the AVERAGE daily cost over a three week period would be $17.86.
Please ask your teacher to specify the exact meaning of the question.

$375÷15 days=$25 per day

Seriously? That’s 3rd grade math. You can’t divide 375 by 15? Stay in school, you need it.

$17.86 $25.00 $53.57 $75.00

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