the Farsi saying from jodha akbar?

in the recently released Jodha Akbar, when Jodha and Akbar are duelling with swords, Akbar (Hrithik Roshan), at one point, quotes a Farsi saying. can anyone tell me what it is, and wat it means?

The correct form of sentence is “Az mast ke bar mast” the other part has been added unconventionally is “chon digari nist” .
The main part is a proverb in Persian loaned from a famous poem of Naser Khosrow .it mean’s that whatever happens to us is our fault and from us.The story is about a eagle hunted by an arrow which has eagle’s feathers so it can go as fast as him.Other part means: because there is no other

Jodha Akbar Movie Last Part

I dunno that either, I want the answer too, I’ve searched for it in googel and in every possible place but couldn’t find it, maybe because it’s a “new” film!
I guess Hrithik was praising Ash’s beauty, because he kept saying mashallah and some other arabic praising words, so he must have praised her in Pharsi ^^
that duel was awesome though, lol..

Means I got you, Ab kya karogi ( what you are going to do now?)

refer to ‘shakes p aiyer’ romeo juliet

Answer 6

i was wondering the same thing,somone tell me too

Answer Prime

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