is the judge mablean court show with sandra johnson real? the show was identical to the movie ‘Imitation of Life’?

the name of this show was ‘it’s a color thing’ a burlesque dancer sued her on mom for lost wages. original airdate 01/15/2015

After watching the episode for two minutes I knew it was staged. If you watch the 1959 movie “Imitation of Life”
you will notice that there there is some dialogue in the movie that is repeated almost line for line in the “court.

Honestly, I rarely watched the show when it was aired in my area, but any credibility I may have thought the show possessed is gone now. It is nothing more than a staged reality TV show with actors as litigants.

I don’t know what the conjecture is here. It’s very simple. Sandra Johnson is Janeva Pettway, an actress. She was acting. If she was a real person in a real court she would have used her real name. Certainly, her mother would address her daughter by her real name! There are no “ifs ands or buts”, it was a performance for entertainment television – not a real court!

Sandy Johnson Actress

Update: A friend that I grew up with knows her (Sandra Johnson) She’s an actress from Brooklyn NY, her real name is Janeva Pettway..Google her and see for this show staged!! Fake…False…phony

The stories are so freakishly close that it makes it hard to believe…

Sandra Johnson…Sarah Jane…
Mothers were/are ill
neither wanted to be black
both denied their mother…and quite a few more similarities….

Is this real sorry to sound cynical but it is almost word for word just like the movie Imitation of Life even right down to what the daughter does for a living only her name was Sarah Jane Johnson. I saw this movie when I was a child and it made a big impact on me, and to this day I still own this movie.

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Oh, my God. I’m still sad, sitting in my village in Denmark. Poor child. I respect her mother so much, peace and love be with Ms. Johnson sr. I hope the daughter realizes how lucky she was to have such a loving mother. In time. My goodness, I’m still crying. God help that poor daughter to realize how lost she is. The judge did a brilliant and loving job. Peace and love to Alma Johnson!

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The name of the movie is Imitation of Life!

It was so similar to Imitation of Life. I don’t believe that it was real at all.

Unfortunately, it is real, I was in the audience when the show was being taped. We were all in total shock with what was said. There were a few more moments of ignorance coming from the daughter that never aired on TV. But it was absolutely real


It was fake. Same names as the characters in the movie and all.

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