Why is the Quran the model for poetry?

1. Why is the Quran the model for poetry?

Before the coming of Islam, Arabic had produced one truly great poem: the Muallaqat of Antar ibn Shaddad: together with the great medieval romance of A Thousand Nights and a Night.

But the Koran claims to be a work of transcendent literary quality: indeed the Koran uses its literary excellence as a proof of its divine provenance.

“‘If all the people and the demons worked together to make a Koran like the Koran, they never could do that, even if they all helped one another.'”


This posed a problem for devout Muslims, since the Koran is not especially well written.

The simple solution was to base all later poetry and literature on the Koran, so that the inferior writing of Islamic poets would never show up the poor quality of the original scripture.

This is why after producing the masterpieces of the Antar poem and the Thousand Nights and One Night, Islamic literature has never again produced work of interest to the outside world.

Because Islam concurred the Persian empire. Why is the Koran praised for being quoted from an illiterate individual? I might be extra inspired if he later found out to learn and motivated others to do the equal. Why is memorization of the Koran via a tender guy praised over studying to READ the Koran for himself? I am no longer Christian, however I am comfortable that the Pilgrims who in part centered my nation believed in literacy and schooling as being the high-quality approach to honor their god.

Not only the Quran but other religious doctrines like the Sankrit, the Middle eastern Hindu poetry as well as the Chinese poetry and forms of writing which fleurished before the Islami poetry.

actually; they were songs which were sanged.
just like tghe Psalms in the Holy bible.

the only way that would make sense is if the poetry were in Arabic since the translations didn’t try to make the Koran look ‘poetic’ (or even remotely sane). And that people who speak Arabic think the Koran is ‘poetic’ probably has more to do with their being brainwashed on it from birth than due to any awesome rhyme scheme.

I have heard that in the original (Arabic) the style of the Quran is poetry par excellence and I believe it. you don’t have to pay attention to detractors that don’t have anything concrete to say. beauty or poignancy of poetry doesn’t come through the same when translated so we non-Arabic speakers may never know. what is your opinion?

Source(s): personal opinion only.

Answer 6

It isn’t because the Quran is not poetry.

It is a clear message for mankind from God.
Its writing style is superior but conveying a message is its primary purpose.


Answer 7

It isn’t. Not ‘the’ model anyway….

Source(s): The Iliad.

confusing aspect. query with a search engine. this can assist!

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