What is the act of ‘parking a horse’ called?

It’s called parking a horse. It’s what many gaited horses are taught to do when standing for showing or mounting.

And now for a bit of history:
Parking is the same for horses as it is for cars. The term comes from harness horses who were “parked” – asked to stand with their feet out in front and behind their bodies- because it’s harder for a horse to quickly move or spook from that position and take off when the carriage or wagon is being loaded, unloaded or just waiting with the driver not on the box. Many gaited horses are still taught this because many were multi-use horses, used for riding and harness work.

Parking is not only a term used for having a horse stand somewhere, tied up to a post.

Parking is also a term used for Tennessee Walking horses and other gaited horses. It is more than just halting the horse. When these horses are ‘parked’, they are in a specific stance. Similar to a horse needing to be standing square in a halter class, the term parking refers to the way the horse stands, with front legs a bit infront of him and hind legs stretched behind him.

Here is an image:

What level of Howrse is that question on? If you are Howrsing then Google Howrse level whatever and you will find a page with all the answers for that level. If you are not then it is a halt. We do not park as horses are living beings who do not have engines or brakes and so can amble off if left alone!

Some people call the stance you are referring to as “parked out” others refer to it as “stretched out.” A few people just refer to it as a show stance. To get a horse into this stance, the general cue is to tap its the muscular area right above the forearm with your heels. I hope this answered your question!


Source(s): Working with horses and owning a Morgan.

Just that, parking out your horse.

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The word for parking a horse is called holt. Which this is the same for stopping a horse. You only use the horse’s reins to control the horse. Like the steering wheel in a car. And then gently pull on the reins to stop horse on it’s place. Also tell the horse know what you would like it to do at the same time. Of the horse to stay where you want it to stay. By tie enough of the reins right around something to stop the horse from bolting off.

I hope that this helps you and goodluck

Source(s): From when i use to do horse riding as a hobby years ago.

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When you start by having the horse square, and you stretch their front legs out. It is hard to describe, here are some pictures.


term used for gaited horses and saddle seat horses, when they stop w/ there forlegs strettched out in front and back legs streched out behind

I believe you mean Halting a horse. I think this is what you are talking about.


It’s called “halting”

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