Can I cash my paycheck at hannaford for free?

Can I cash my paycheck at hannaford for free? I know that Walmart charges 3 dollars, which is stupid, but I’ve heard hannaford is free.

If you WORK at Hannaford, yes. They’ll cash your check for you for free.

Why not just use that check to open a bank account and start getting paid by direct deposit?

The check will have the name of the back from which it was drafted printed on the front (usually the lower left). If you present the check to any branch of that bank, there should be no charge. ***ADDITIONAL*** I’ve noticed that a lot of people are suggesting that you open a bank account. As an accoutant, I would suggest that you do not do this. Banks charge for accounts and working at Subway, the amount that you will be depositing will probably not make it worthwhile. Anyway, do you really expect to be able to put away thousands of dollars (or even a few hundred) in savings? If you’re supporting yourself, the answer is no. If you’re not supporting yourself, you’ll probably be spending all or nearly all of that money anyway. I make a good bit of money and I refuse to use a bank. I don’t trust them and I’ve witnessed first-hand several horrorific incidents that could have been avoided by simply not using them. By the way, “Free” checking is a lie. Nothing is free. They will bleed you dry one way or the other. Think about it. How did they pay for their building and their employees? Fees, fees and more fees.

Hannaford Check Cashing

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It’s 2007, why don’t you have your own bank account? Just cash it at the bank that the funds are being drawn off of. Though more and more banks are now charging non-members a fee to cash a check that is written by that bank. Wal Mart charges $3 for up to $1000

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