What does USPS ‘PO to Addressee’ mean?

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I’m expecting an Express Mail (overnight shipping) package that’s supposed to arrive tomorrow. I just check usps.com and it shows ‘PO to Addressee’. What does that mean? Thanks!

It is the Priority Mail Express that the sender sent from a Post Office and will be delivered to the Addressee.

You are the Addressee.

More likely that it is an insured item, and that insured amount is Payable (Paid Out) to the Addressee. Otherwise businesses could ship items all the time and say that their customer’s called with “I never got the item” and the business would get the money back.

If this was international mail, the PO is the Post Office location of the addressee. Your local Post Office address.

Is this a new name for “Waiver of Signature” ?
I think so because STC 986 has been renamed from “Waiver of Signature” to “PO to Addressee”

It’s the name of the form.

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What does USPS ‘PO to Addressee’ mean?

The USPS ‘PO to Addressee’ program is a way for you to send mail to someone in the United States, and it’s pretty straightforward. Here’s how it works: first, enter the person’s full name as shown on their ID card or driver’s license. Then, input their address as it appears on government records. Finally, specify the package or item you want to send.

What is USPS ‘PO to Addressee’?

USPS ‘PO to Addressee’ is an abbreviation for Postal Order to Addressee. It is a mailing format that is used to send mail through the postal service. USPS ‘PO to Addressee’s’ are sent as an attachment to a mailing and are typically sent to people who are listed on the envelope as the recipient.

How it Works

When you mail a package through the U.S. Postal Service, you will need to input the recipient’s full name as well as their address – sometimes known as “PO Box” or “Addressee.”

Why is this important?

If you’re unsure of someone’s address, entering their PO Box number instead can help the postal service deliver your package to them. Additionally, if you’re sending a gift and don’t know the recipient’s full name, specifying Addressee can help you find out!

When to Use PO to Addressee

USPS “PO to Addressee” means to send a letter using the Post Office to the address that is specified on the envelope. This is different from mailing a letter using the mail service to your own address. When you mail a letter using the mail service, the postal service calculates your postage and adds it to the cost of your item.

To use PO to Addressee:
1. Decide what type of letter you are sending. There are three types of letters – Personal, Overnight, and Standard Mail.
2. Check the address on the envelope.
3. Enter the correct PO Address into your email program’s “To:” field.
4. Click “Send.”

What to Include in Your USPS PO Letter

When sending a package through the United States Postal Service (USPS), it is important to include the correct address on the package or envelope.

The “PO to Addressee” field on the USPS online form will help you to include this information.

Your PO letter should include:
-Your name and address
-The name of the person or business receiving the package
-The recipient’s mailing address (including city, state, and zip code)
-The date of delivery
-The weight and dimensions of the package


The USPS ‘PO to Addressee’ label is a unique, tamper-evident mailing designation that will help your package travel safely and efficiently. This label is placed on the outside of each package before it is sent out, and should be visible when the package is scanned at the post office.

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