Why are Virgo women so selfish?

Virgo in general are known to be selfish. They are usually self-sacrificing and will do anything for you. If you come across a selfish virgo than either they don’t like you or perhaps they are in the wrong job/situation or going thru a tough time. Sometimes a bad childhood can do enough damage to make her selfish like if she grew up neglected or abused.

Selfish Women

It is very unusual for a virgo women to be selfish. Virgo is the sign of service and also the nurturing earth goddess, she is very rarely selfish. She could be appear a little self obsessed but this is more likely to be a sign of her painful internal insecurity. Maybe her self orientation is coming accross as selfish. When she is comfortable and at ease you will find her to be the least selfish person you could ever meet

Source(s): Virgo men on the other hand can be a little mean or tight.

The bright side
The Virgo character is marked by a sharp intellect which is typically used to analyse the natural order. Virgos are methodical, oh so precise, and are attracted to only that knowledge that can be applied usefully. They will happily share this information with anyone, it confirms their own usefulness in the world, and brings them eagerly out of there shells. Virgo pursues very how standards born out of realism and a tight grip on their environment, rather than any chase of high ideals.
Caution is a Virgo trait which if used positively will give them a fine sense of discrimination between practical ideas and those to be left in the sky. Virgos will usually develop this skill to improve themselves and their surroundings as they place great pride in tangible achievements.

Discriminating, fastidious, analytical, meticulous, modest, precise

The dark side
In their urge to label, organise, and precisely understand all things in life, Virgo can become rather obsessed with the whole idea of “order”. Anything that upsets this harmony and understanding could expose them to the terrors of the unknown! For Virgos “there is a place for everything, and everything has its place”. Virgo will do anything to achieve this state.

Fussy, self conscious, cynical, hypercritical, finicky, over-conforming, over cautious at times.


Virgo women make horrible friends. I m a very loyal person and always there for others. For years a Virgo was only my friend so I could help her with her problems but the other way around , forget it, and they will endlessly talk about themselves . rarely ask you how your life is.

They are horrible for men, because they need constant attention so often, mostly material. They will only have a man around if he adores her 24/7.

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Not sure if its a virgo thing but i have experienced that same thing in the past with two virgo men in my life. They were both selfish and lied alot. One of them wanted to sit on his *** and have his mother me or anybody that will do it take care of him.

It was like , I would do for them but when I needed help with something they would disappear.

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had only one virgo female friend….i found r fussy. n yeah one of my virgo boyfriends was selfish type. hate him

naaaaaaaaaaah! they arent at alll!
my sister is a virgo…and my cousins are virgo
they are not!
they are soo giving specially to the family!

Who says they are?


not sure, but you are right. they think they are owed the whole world handed to them on a silver platter.

Source(s): experience with a virgo woman who thinks she doesnt have to work and get money for doing nothing

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