Help! What is ” assual” in English???

What is this word in engish language or the meaning of it??

I’m from the Philippines, and as far as I’m concerned, there is no such Filipino word as assual? as you say. maybe it’s aswal. But there’s no Filipino word as aswal either haha. Where in the Philippines does your sister in law come from? There are many other dialects aside from the #1 dialect in the Philippines which is Filipino. Like from example, uhh you’re from Bacolod, ”ambot sa imo” – this is not in Filipino. Many dialects in the Philippines depending on the location =) Maybe your sister-in-law is using another dialect in the Philippines besides the Filipino language. or yeah maybe she meant, ASUL as the others say, means blue.

go to the site and in the search bar type the word you are looking for English and it will give you the pronunciation and the meaning. however, assual is not a word in the English language. it was probably a misspelling.

According to the dictionary that word is not in the English Language – perhaps you spelled it incorrectly?


perhaps you meant:


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia says:

Asuel is a municipality in the district of Porrentruy in the canton of Jura in Switzerland.

hopefully that helps.

-Kango Traveler


Could be “As, usuall”… means=’same thing’
If let say you asked her, how’s life?and how have she been?She’s gonna answer you,as usuall, (‘same thing ) or No difference,No changes/constant
In tagalog=tulad ng dati
They always like to use that phrase in Phils.It’s a habit…


Answer 6

hey guys! yeah, it’s probably a misspelled word. They type “ASSUAL”, instead of “AS USUAL”, As you can noticed it pronounce the same but when they type it , they type “assual” not “as asual” instead. In other term, it means “same as” or in tagalog “ganun pa rin”.


Answer 7

azure is blue
actual is real
usual is normal
‘assual’ could even be casual which is not formal.
Hope one of these words is what you meant…….there is no actual ‘assual’ that I know of in the English language.

It’s not a word, unless you’ve misspelled the word you’re actually talking about. Do you mean azule, or casual, or actual, or what?

that word does not exist

as usual

this is what i found in
No results found for assual.
Did you mean AS&SL (in dictionary) or AS Salé (in encyclopedia)?

Dictionary suggestions:
as usual


There is no English word “assual”. There is “as usual” which means “as you would normally do”.

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