“Where I was” or” where was I” Which is correct?

It depends on context and what you mean to say. If you intend to ask a question, then you’d say, “Where was I?” If you are not forming a question, then you’d generally say, “where I was.”


Jane: Where were you?

Jack: Where was I? At work is where I was.

Where i was is a preemtive to start a sentance as a subject followed by a predicate generally explaining what happened in your regional location. Where was i is in the form of a question that can either be at thebeginning or end of a sentance.

“Where I was” is correct here.

To make an interrogative sentence,” Where was I?” is acceptable,but in assertive sentences verbs ought to be placed after the subject which doesn’t happen in interrogative sentences.
Ex. He asked me where I was then.

where I was, it was cold. Where was I when the rain came? One is for a question.

Answer 6

“Where are me?”

Answer 7

Where was I.

Answer Prime

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