what is meant by 0/00 symbol instead of the % symbol?

A scientist did a salt content of seawater and he used the 0/00 symbol instead of the % symbol and I just wanted to know why?


One ‰ is a tenth of a percent.
That means that 1000‰ = 100%

You don’t see this very often or at least I don’t, but 5% means 5 parts out of 100 parts or 5/100 as a fraction or .05 as a decimal.
5 0/00 means 5 mil (sometimes spelled as 5 mill) or 5 parts out of 1000 or 5/1000 or .005 as a decimal.

I hope this helps………

Permil, or ‰, is parts per thousand. It’s a measure of concentration. How much of a substance is made up of a particular thing. So 75‰ is 75 parts per thousand, just like 75% is 75 parts per hundred.

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