what Is the meaning of “Less than Impressed “?

What is the meaning of “Less than Impressed”?

That you are simply, not impressed … in other words, not affected, or not dazzled

Impressive Definition

Miss Cotell again was silent but still no less impressed and then quite suddenly, affected in a different way, an urge to weep restrained. The implication is that the first exhilaration had been more pronounced. She was better able to keep her composure during the event that followed and remained silent. Then she put all the the pleasant events of the day together and quite suddenly was awash with a nostalgia bringing her close to tears.

Well if someone is less than impressed it would mean that they are LESS (a quantifier meaning not as great in amount or degree; used to form the comparative of some adjectives and adverbs; “less interesting”; “less expensive”; “less quickly”) than Impressed (deeply or markedly affected or influenced)

If you are “impressed” you are strongly influenced, especially favorably. So if you are “less than impressed” it means you’re kind of underwhelmed (versus overwhelmed). You are NOT impressed. You think it’s a bit lame.

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Whoever said this to you is not impressed with you. Less than impressed means that they were the opposite of more than impressed, do you know what impressed means? Hint–Dictionary.com could help you with this.

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what Is the meaning of “Less than Impressed “?
What is the meaning of “Less than Impressed”?

Not Impressed.

NOT very impressed. take “Impressed” and take away a whole bunch.


It means the person wasn’t very amused, not happy with whatever happened

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