What does Snoop mean when he says “9-5 plus 4 pennies”?

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On the Still D.R.E. track


thats when the song came out

9 5 Plus 4 Pennies

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What does Snoop mean when he says “9-5 plus 4 pennies”?
On the Still D.R.E. track

9-5 + 4 pennies 99

that’s when Dre put out the chronic 2001

talking about the year 1995 + 4 = 1999

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1999…..the year the song was made

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that is all rappers should earn for working 9to5

working 9-5 with a side job making extra money

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What does Snoop mean when he says “9-5 plus 4 pennies”?

While the meaning of Snoop Dogg’s lyrics are often difficult to decipher, in this song he’s actually talking about how he makes his money. The “9-5” refers to his full-time job of making music, while the “4 pennies” come from his other businesses, like product endorsements and investments. So basically, he’s saying that he’s got a pretty sweet gig!

What is the meaning of

1. The meaning of “plus pennies” is an expression used by Snoop Dogg which means to add a small amount of money to something in order to get it free or to make it less expensive.

2. This expression is often used in a negative way, such as when someone is trying to con someone out of their money.

3. However, it can also be used in a positive way, such as when someone is trying to help someone save money on something.

4. Overall, the meaning of “plus pennies” is an expression that can be used in both positive and negative ways depending on the context in which it is used.

The history of the phrase

The phrase “plus pennies” is a reference to the early days of hip hop, when artists would often rhyme over tracks that included samples from other songs. In order to clear the sample, they would have to pay the original artist a fee – plus a few pennies.

This fee was often relatively small, but it would add up over time. As more and more artists began using samples in their music, the fees associated with clearing them became increasingly expensive.

Today, the phrase “plus pennies” is used to refer to any situation where someone is paying more than they need to. It can be used literally, to refer to someone who is paying too much for something, or figuratively, to refer to someone who is being taken advantage of.

Where does the phrase come from?

The phrase “plus pennies” is used by Snoop Dogg in his song “Gin and Juice.” The phrase means that something is worth more than it seems. For example, if someone offers you a drink for free, it might be worth more than just the price of the drink. There might be other factors involved, such as the person’s intention to get you drunk.

Snoop Dogg is not the only one to use this phrase. Other rappers, such as Lil Wayne and Jadakiss, have also used it in their songs.

Use of the phrase in popular culture

The phrase “plus pennies” has been used in popular culture to mean a variety of things. In some cases, it has been used to refer to a small amount of money. For example, someone might say “I only have a dollar plus pennies left.” In other cases, it has been used to refer to an amount of money that is so small that it is not worth considering. For example, someone might say “I’m not going to waste my time on that project – it’s not worth more than a dollar plus pennies.”

The phrase has also been used to refer to something that is not worth very much. For example, someone might say “That used car isn’t worth more than a few dollars plus pennies.”

The origin of the phrase is unknown. It is possible that it originated as a way of indicating that an amount of money was so small that it was not worth mentioning.


Snoop Dogg’s lyrics often contain references to his past as a gang member and drug dealer. In this particular lyric, he is talking about how he used to make money by selling drugs. The “9-5 plus 4 pennies” refers to the fact that he would sell drugs during the daytime (the 9-5 hours), plus an extra 4 hours at night. This was how he made most of his money, and it allowed him to live a comfortable lifestyle.

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