Will a precipitate form in the mixed solution? If so, identify the precipitate.?

A solution containing sodium fluoride is mixed with one containing calcium nitrate to form a solution that is 0.015 M in NaF and 0.010 M in Ca(NO3)2.

NaF is a strong salt so [F-]= 0.015 M
Ca(NO3)2 is a strong salt and [Ca2+]= 0.010 M

the net ionic equation is

Ca2+ 2 F- = CaF2 (s)

Qsp = [Ca2+][F-]^2 =( 0.010)(0.015)^2=2.3 x 10^-6 >> Ksp so precipitation should occur

mastering chem awnser is CaF2 they just wantt the solid

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