What does original condition mean?

One week ago i purchased a washing machine..i took it out of the box and plastic..i used it about thred times and wants to return it for a different type of machine..the suppliers said it must be in original condition…does that mean unboxed and unused?

You cannot return it because you USED it.  It is no longer in its original condition.  In its original condition means UNUSED.  For example, you received it and changed your mind and did not remove it from the box.  Or, perhaps, you opened the box and looked at the top of it, changed your mind, closed the flaps and taped it closed again.  Your washing machine is a USED machine.  Clearly not in its original condition.

Unused with the original packaging.
It’s now a used item they won’t take it back.

No signs of being used should be evident.

That means it must still be a virgin.

Yes although some suppliers might waive the unboxed requirement.

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that means it needs to be able to repackage in original packing and you have all the little bags and accessories and manual and it can be resold .. if its got water in the lines, a soap scum ring around the top of the tub, and the box and packaging is gone they aint gonna take it ..

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