Do pez candy expire?

i’ve some bundles of pez, and I also’m unsure just how old they truly are, perhaps not incredibly old, but avove the age of brand new. I have currently consumed various bundles but i’ve more. I’ven’t died however, but i am wondering if pez can expire.

All “food” expires or goes stale eventually(except honey), so long as you have not had all of them over annually they must be good.

Does Pez Candy Expire

I do not believe candy with these types of increased sugar and reasonable dampness content goes bad in a manner that will make you sick from consuming it. It could perhaps not taste the way in which it must after sufficient many years however.

Toffee. wonderful, tasty, tasty milk toffee. the shape that does not go shopping on together with your enamel and extremely practically melts using its captivating buttery taste, causing you to be desiring – strictly one additional piece.

It gets difficult.

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