How do you say Happy Birthday in Tigrinya?

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My friend is Eritrean and i want to be able to send him an email with birthday wishes in his languages, now am asuming he speaks Tigrinya, but if anyone could also post it in Amharic, I know for a fact he doesn’t speak Arabic!

Tigrinya- There isn’t one. Simply because we in Eritrea dont really celebrate birthdays so we dont say happy birthday. Im eritrean and fluent in tigrinya, but just to check i even asked my family and they said the same thing. The closest thing we have is something along “Happy holiday” which is Rehoos be-al le-det. say it from the throat,,,like how they do in German.

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ri hus be al lidet

mha quwah!

wouldn’t know how to pronounce it though

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How do you say Happy Birthday in Tigrinya?

Tigrinya is a Central African language spoken mainly in Southern Sudan and Ethiopia. In this article, we will show you how to say Happy Birthday in Tigrinya.

The Origin of the Tigrinya Birthday Tradition

The Tigrinya people of Eritrea and Ethiopia celebrate their birthdays in the same way as everyone else in the world. However, there is one unique tradition that they follow on their birthdays.

On the day of a person’s birthday, family and friends gather together to celebrate by singing and eating birthday cake. However, instead of shouting “happy birthday”, they shout “gelaber ibraheb” (birthday greetings). This tradition is said to have originated from when the birthdays of the Tigrinya people were not celebrated publicly until recently. Up until then, they would typically keep their birthday a secret from their family and friends so that they could enjoy it privately.

So why shout “gelaber ibraheb” on a person’s birthday? The answer is actually pretty simple. According to tradition, shouting “gelaber ibraheb” on a person’s birthday is supposed to bring good luck and happiness into their lives for the year ahead. It is also believed to be an indication that the person receiving the birthday wishes is special and loved by all of his or her friends and family. So if you are planning

What to say when wishing someone a Happy Birthday in Tigrinya

When wishing someone a happy birthday in Tigrinya, there are a few things that you can say.

“May your birthday be happy and prosperous.”
“Happy birthday, dear friend!”
“A happy birthday to you! May all your dreams and wishes come true.”

Tips for Saying Happy Birthday in Tigrinya

When wishing someone a happy birthday in Tigrinya, most people will say “Thank you for being born!”

Alternatively, people might say “Mwenen kenye tsebe!” which means “May your birthday be joyous!”


Happy birthday to you! To say “happy birthday” in Tigrinya, you would say “ney namo tsidama” which means “may your day be happy.” You might also want to bring along some cookies or cake for the person receiving the greeting.

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