What does it mean when a boy calls you DOLL?

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He was like all flirty and stuff and called me DOLL twice and everybody in my class heard it and was staring at me and him.

when a boy calls you doll he def. likes you. Its just another term for baby. i don’t like it when my boy calls me doll but its not a bad thing actually a good thing if you like the guy!

lol i remember reading in old archie comics archie or reggie calling some girls “dolls”. being called a doll means ur attractive, good looking or just overall a good person. im guessing the term came from dolls lil girls play with that all look perfect so by calling you that he’s saying ur really really good looking

He may think he’s complimenting you by calling you “doll” It’s a term of endearment: “Your looking nice today doll.”
It also depends, does he use it after criticizing you? Then it would be a term of disrespect: “Don’t worry your pretty little head doll” or “You wouldn’t understand doll”

He likes you and thinks you are cute. Tell him, he’s a doll too, or maybe just an Action figure.

it means he thinks you look gorgeous un fortunatley thats a saying of the past dont know where he got it i would never say that

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He thinks its cool,and he likes you.He probably heard it on a old movie.

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It means he’s stuck in the 1930s and has been watching his grandpa pick up girls too often.

Dolls look scary and ugly. I would never want to be called one…

its just a pet name, he probably uses it on a lot of girls if he’s the flirty type, dont read too much into it.


It’s nice..I’m an old bird but my fella calls me doll and i love it………………

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What does it mean when a boy calls you DOLL?

Calling someone “doll” is an affectionate term typically used by boys to address a female. In some cases, it can be seen as derogatory or sexual in nature. So what does this word mean when a boy uses it to call you? And why is it so often associated with girls?

What does it mean when a boy calls you DOLL?

When a boy calls you Doll, it usually means he is attracted to you. Sometimes, it can also mean that he sees you as a friend. However, it’s important to remember that there are also other meanings to this term. For example, a boy may call you Doll if he is trying to be protective or if he wants to show dominance over you. Additionally, it’s common for boys to call each other Doll when they are close friends. So, when a boy calls you Doll, know what it means and how to react accordingly.

How to answer if he calls you DOLL

When a boy calls you DOLL, it can mean a few different things. It could be that he really likes you and is just using a fun nickname for you. It could also mean that he’s interested in you and thinks you’re cute. In any case, here are some tips on how to answer if he calls you DOLL:

1. If the nickname is just friendly and fun, then it’s no big deal – just smile and nod your head, and keep on going about your day as usual.

2. If the nickname implies something more romantic or sexual, then it’s best to play it coy and act like you don’t know what he’s talking about. Act like you’re amused by the nickname but don’t take it too seriously – after all, these types of nicknames usually only last for a short period of time anyway.

3. If the nickname bothers you in any way, then politely explain why it makes you feel that way and ask him not to call you DOLL anymore. He may surprise you by taking your advice – after all, he may not actually mean anything by the nickname!

Tips for dealing with a boy who calls you DOLL

If you’re a girl and someone calls you “Doll,” here are some tips for dealing with it.

1. Don’t take it personally. Boys are often just messing around, and they probably don’t mean any harm by it. If he’s been calling you “Doll” consistently, it might be worth asking him to stop. But if he’s just being playful, there’s no need to get offended.

2. Be polite but firm. If he keeps calling you “Doll,” be polite but firm in telling him to stop. If he doesn’t listen, then you can tell him that the nickname is inappropriate and that you don’t appreciate him calling you that.

3. Avoid confrontation. If he still persists in calling you “Doll,” try avoiding confrontations altogether. Maybe try referring to him by his full name instead of using the nickname, or simply ignore him when he calls you that name. That way, he’ll know that it isn’t acceptable behavior and he’ll probably stop soon enough.


If you’re a woman, and you hear the term “doll” directed at you from a young age, it might not be the most flattering thing that’s ever been uttered. But what does it mean when a boy calls you this? In this article, we’ll explore the history and meaning of the term “doll,” as well as some ways to deal with it if it happens to you. So whether or not dolls are your cup of tea, know that there is a reason why boys call girls this (and it’s probably nothing good!).

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