What are ways to vandalize someone house for fun?

Besides forking and TeePee what are some other good ways!? That are fun and wont get into TOO much trouble

put shaving cream on the windows i did that one year with alot of friends my sister was mad she always likes to wake up early when the sun never came through the windows she came outside and we were all waiting that was so funny we were tired of waiting but it was worth the look on her face.

Not really vandalizing house, but much more fun.
Tell the person who lives in there to mail you a letter, you will pay for it. Then when you get it, put random crap in it. Send it back, and they will have to pay about 10$ for it :D.
(This is what me and my friend do, only we keep sending it back, adding more weight each time)

Source(s): My friend.

Do NOT egg! It wrecks property! If it is for fun- just use silly string or toilet paper! Egging damage costs a LOT to repair!

you’re stupid. You dated your pals exes who knowingly cheats? You should be cheated on. i understand i understand flow forward and report the respond. i’m basically asserting what others won’t. Edit: :O Touche. i such as you.

sillystring and washable window paint.

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