What does the word “tinpantithesis” mean in Cole Porter’s song “It’s Delovely”?

I am wondering what the definition of “tinpantithesis” is…I’m doing the musical “Anything Goes” and my character sings the Cole Porter song “It’s Delovely”. It is killing me that I don’t know what this means..I mean I can kind of figure it out in the context that it is in but I don’t think it’s a real word and am wondering where it originated from. I can’t find it in the dictionary.

Hi.. it’s a made up word.. just like ‘delovely!’ It’s got to be from ‘Tin Pan Alley.’ Once you’ve read the history of Tin Pan Alley below, you’ll understand the play on the word “antithesis.”
No shortcuts here.. it’s part of the texture of American music… read:)

And this is from a course reference in American music at Brown University:

Furia, Philip, Poets of Tin Pan Alley:
Ch. 1: Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah Love: Alley Standards
Ch. 2: After the Ball: Early Alley
Ch. 3: Ragged Meter Man: Irving Berlin
Ch. 4: Ragged and Funny: Lyricists of the 1920s
Ch. 5: Funny Valentine: Lorenz Hart
Ch. 6: ‘S Wonderful: Ira Gershwin
Ch. 7: The Tinpantithesis of Poetry: Cole Porter


I hope that this helps and good luck with the play!

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Define Tin Pan Alley

I have no idea, but when I typed it into Google, a bunch of stuff came up. It wasn’t listed in a dictionary, or a musical dictionary. Whatever it is, you can buy it off of ebay.


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