im applying at petsmart right now, can someone help me with this question? about rate pay?

this will be my first job, im 18, and applying to be bather at petsmart. the question says: What do you feel would be a minimally acceptable rate of pay?(ex. $x.xx or $xx,xxx) does this mean per hour or every year? I’m applying for part-time, but always on duty, like on call, and applied for 40 hours a week, including weekends, and holidays. I’m also applying for the night shift, which is from midnight to 6 in the morning. How much do you think is minimally reasonable? i dont want to sell myself short, or too high. for the X.XX, id rather have that answered, as im guessing it means per hour. Should i answer as X.XX per hour? and how much money should i put down? thanks!

The xx.xx is per hour, xx,xxx is per year. I work in pet care (fish, reptiles, etc) and got 9 some when I started but receive 9.86 or something now.

I’ve never heard of a night shift for a bather. There is one for the hotel though.

To be safe, I’ve always put “negotiable” as most big-box stores have a standard beginning rate of pay anyways. This way you’re not at risk of putting a number that’s too high and being passed over, but you’re also not going to short-change yourself if their rate of pay is higher than what you put down. Good luck!

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You will get minimum wage for state or area you live in. Yes you can ask for a certain amount, but don;t go to extremes and ask for well like 10 dollars a hour because you won’t get it.

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