What does it mean to correct to six decimal places.?

Such as

your first option is right , your second option is to 1 dp.
if it says 6 dp it means that there are 6 digits after the decimal. You then round the last digit up accordingly.

6 Decimal Places

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What does it mean to correct to six decimal places.?
Such as


to correct it to six decimal places would that mean




-1.857143 is correct. Means to round it off six numerals after the decimal place.

when they as for something to x decimal places then it means you need to have x number of digits after the decimal point and round the last one. so your first answer is correct. ^_^

Answer 6

Your first answer is correct. 6 decimal places is the number of digits to the right of the decimal point.

Answer 7

Your 6th decimal place is the 8, thus the 6 will turn it into a 9.

Six decimal places would mean -1.857143. Meaning you would round off to the nearest100 thousandth.
-1.9 Would be to the single decimal place or nearest tenth.

Round to the nearest sixth decimal place.


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yeah, it is .6004 since the 6th place is 9 and is more than 4 then you should add 1 (you may add 1 if the is between 5&9 meaning if it is 5,6,7,8,9 you may add 1 to the next number in it.) you don’t have to include the “00” for it is still 0.:-)

Answer Prime

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