what does it mean in movies when someone says “mission is a go”? does it mean mission is in progress?


It may mean the mission has started successfully, but it can also mean it’s OK for the mission to start because there are no obstacles. Let’s imagine a war movie, where a group of soldiers is waiting for headquarters to send them out on a mission. The commander runs in and says “the mission is a go!” — that would mean it’s OK to leave and start on the mission.

It means the mission has started

You may have heard the term: “All systems go!” which means
basically the same thing, all is in readiness to begin the mission.

I think it goes back to the days of early space exploration at NASA, There were banks of flight technicians at Houston who monitored various functions of the rockets. Before a step was taken – for example lighting the rocket – the flight controller would turn to each one in turn and ask them for a decision whether to go ahead or stop the countdown. Each in turn would reply “go” (or “delay”). If the controller received all positive responses he would say “the mission is a go”. That signified a collective decision to proceed.

It means the mission has been accepted, or has been started.(:

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Basically the mission has started/commenced/begun/etc…

Source(s): You’ve been watching mission impossible, haven’t you…

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