what does a penny with a hole in it represent?

i was working the other day and a man came up to me and handed me a penny with a hole in the center of it and walked away.

it is rare to find such a thing, and some superstitious people believe that it is good luck to find something rare, specially when it comes to money!

I think the reward is the feeling of seeing something you never saw before, and that rush of amazement and curiosity just flows through you into a widening smile.

A penny with a hole in it does not represent anything special as far as I know. When you find a penny it usually means good luck will come to you.

The guy is making penny charms by drilling holes in pennies. Wear the charm around your neck for luck.

Did he know you? Maybe he was saying ‘you’re hopeless…like a penny with a hole in it.’ Just like the song says. But I doubt it was positive or a sign of good luck. Look up the song lyrics by Dionne Farris, you’ll see.

It generally means that the person who had it before didn’t have enough to do.

This has a lot of info on the topic

Answer 6

A hole in one.

(cent, that is)

Lady Astarte beat me to it.

Answer Prime

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