What channel is Funimation on Direct Tv?


Direct TV does not have the FUNimation Channel (the only 24/7 anime channel in the US) yet.
If you want the FUNimation Channel for your home…
all you need to do is request it.
Step 1. Call a Direct TV Operator
Step 2. Ask for Customer Service Rep
Step 3. Explain to them that FUNimation Channel is a 24 hour anime channel
Step 4. Let them know you would keep with them or switch providers to receive the channel.
Send note in your next Direct TV bill
Fill out customer service forms on Direct TV’s websites
Go to Direct TV’s office and ask in person!
Better yet…bring them baked goods every week until they add the channel.
That’s the best way to let the cable/dish companies know you want the channel. They file these requests and send them to the corporate offices for review.

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The Funimation Channel is not on Direct TV yet.

its not and no way to get it cause OlympuSAT was chosen as the exclusive distributor of the network and Only the Subscription Video On-Demand service for the FUNimation Channel is available on Dish Network

Verizon fios has it
want it ?
theirs info on how to request direct tv to get Funimation

Source(s): me and google

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