How the heck do I open this gorilla glue bottle!?

Yeah, yeah, go on and laugh. I bought the 4oz size bottle of gorilla glue and the top looks like it shoud squeeze glue out and it even comes with a cap for the top. Am I supposed to poke a hole in the top with a needle or something?

haha hey it’s ok, yeah you have to cut a little off the top of the squeeze part they really should mention that in some instructions or something.

How To Open Gorilla Glue

OMG, I’m so glad I’m not as stupid as I thought. How much effort would it take for them to give a short tip on the label? I ended up unscrewing the lid and literally pouring the glue out in order to use it (which created a huge mess).

get a pair of pliers it works all of the time!!! if you don’t have pliers then get some scissors and just grab the top of the glue bottle and twist it really does work but if this glue bottle is so jacked up that even that won’t work then just cut the top of the cap

Yes I am also here 4 years later with the 8 oz bottle and the same question. Thx for the tip to use duct tape.

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I am reading this and wondering, why in the world did you buy this bottle of Gorilla Glue? Answer: Great advertising.

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when you’re done using it, be certain to seal the cap with duct tape. It seems air will slowly get into the container & dry it up. Every one i had did this because the urethane in the glue is “air cured”.

I’m still trying to open the bottle… there looks like it’s a piece of metal stuck in the top. How do I get it out?? Any suggestions??

Thanks for asking this question so I didn’t have to look silly when I was stumped by the same thing :).
I notice I was trying to figure it out FOUR YEARS after you. They really should write something on the bottle.


So glad to know I’m not the only crazy one!

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