What are two traffic signs that are arbitrary and two that are non-arbitrary?

And reasons why…

Well no one seems to have given you two of each yet, so here are my examples:

YIELD — arbitrary in that we’re not sure to what or for how long
SLIPPERY WHEN WET — arbitrary because it doesn’t tell us the more important information — Is the road wet or not?

DEAD END — not arbitrary, because there are no partial dead ends
SPEED LIMIT — not arbitrary, very quantifiable

Non Arbitrary

A stop sign is not arbitrary. You are expected to stop.

A maximum mileage sign is not arbitrary. You are expected to not exceed the maximum,

A sign that pictures a deer crossing the road is arbitrary, in that it doesn’t tell you that you have to stop or slow down. It is just informing you that sometimes deer cross here. You MIGHT want to be alert/careful, but it’s arbitrary.

A sign that says “Bridge Ahead”. Doesn’t require that you necessarily do anything. It’s informational and arbitrary.

Arbitrary – “Yield” and the “train crossing”. Upon checking to see If there is no traffic you are free to continue to travel.
Non Arbitrary – “Stop” and “Speed limit”. These are posted for ones safety and should be strictly followed. They could save a person’s life.

red light
or really any sign with no words, and only a color and shape

non-arbitrary will generally have words that are specific

Answer 6

1. Yellow. Should I stay or should I go?
2. Recommended speeds. FOr who and when?
3. Stp or red light. Better do it or else.
4. Proceed with caution-netter head this warning also.

Answer 7

one is –slippery when wet.
Because it is slippery when wet but not when it is dry it isn’t slippery.
Another is……slow down when school is in session. If school isn’t in session then it is ok to drive the regular speed.

speed limit and dangerous curve ahead….non are distnace markers and curve ahead

Answer Prime

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