my portfolio on yahoo finance disappeared, how can I retrieve it?

Hi Samir –
In most circumstances, missing information results from users logging into a different account than the one used to create or edit their portfolio(s).
It is recommended that you review your records to determine if you have multiple Yahoo! IDs. If you do have an alternate ID, please sign in using that ID to determine if your portfolios are saved in that account.
Note: if information was lost or accidentally deleted we will not be able to restore the missing portfolios or portfolio data.
I hope this helps.
We appreciate you choosing to use Yahoo! Finance.

Same think for me. Cleared my browser history and changed my password. Now 2 portfolios are gone. Finance simply want me to start over with a brand new portfolio. Unless I find a solution quick will leave Yahoo forever and move to Google. I like Yahoo’s setup better, but Google appears to know how to run a host better.

In Yahoo Finance, on the right hand side, there may be a box with options to edit the portfolio. click on EDIT, click on the Portfolio name, and it should pop up. Then BOOKMARK the portfolio page, and also copy the bookmark to your desktop, or a folder. You CAN access My Portfolios if you follow these instructions. YAHOO has a broken link between My Portfolios access and the Portfolio page and of course contacting them is impossible.

All my portfolios disappeared from My Yahoo’s My Portfolio window. Earlier, I collapsed all my portfolios (not deleted them) and they just vanished. There are too many bugs in this produce. I will now only use it for viewing news (maybe) and for researching individual stocks.

My Portfolio that I have used for over a year disappeared today too. Yahoo = worst imaginable service!

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They lost my portfolios as well. I have logged in to the correct account and all my portfolios are gone. Im done with Yahoo

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Make sure you have online access that is better than Yahoo Finance at the place you really have your portfolio I guess!

Today my portfolio is gone and I havent done anything except changing my password. Logged out and logged back in and still all my portfolio us gone along with saved quotes are gone.
What the hell happened to my stuff? yahoo gone to down hill since new CEO.

I too have lost my portfolio . I only have one account. Had it for years, created the portfolio years ago,.
Please, Yahoo Finance!, what can I do to retrieve my portfolio?


That is my exact problem my portfolio is “LOST” Yahoo does not seem to have any solution or useful suggestions. If they want to be in business, they should at least support their products.7/27/2015

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