We too Vs us too?


“We too” is grammatically correct, but almost no one talks this way. Most people will say “us too” or “me too”, but won’t think it strange if you say “we’re on our way as well”, or “so are we”.

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I was asked by a contact to look at this for you. You are correct. It IS we, too. It is short for We are, too, just as the first three posters said. And, as they have all noted, it is colloquially normal to say Us, too. So it probably struck your friend as cute or sweet, and she MAY not realize that you were correct.

Keep it up. It’s one of those things that if more people modelled the correct phrasing, rather than knuckling under to the common denominator, the language would remain purer. (oh, well, I don’t suppose I can keep the rules that get to me any more than MY teachers succeeded with lay/lie, and like/as…the language will evolve whether we want it to or not…sigh>:))

“We, too” or “we are, too” is grammatically correct. For some reason, people usually say “me, too” instead of “I, too”, when that is the whole sentence. They are more likely to say “I, too,…” as part of a longer sentence, like “I, too, have a shirt like that”, especially when writing. It’s just another odd thing about how English speakers really talk, and there’s not any good reason for it. Most people also would say “it’s me” instead of the correct phrase, “it’s I”.

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We too Vs us too?
I am learning English and love grammar very much. Yesterday, I sent my friend, who speaks English and is a doctor, a reply to her text message.
She said “we’re on our way to the game”. I replied “we too” (my husband and I).
She was laughing at the answer and showed…

You can’t, not without breaking the law (in several countries by the sound of it). Choose one and stick with her, and hope she doesn’t find out you tried to have multiple wives. And you do know that south america is not part of the USA, right?

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it is definately correct to say ” i, too” or “we, too” ( for more than one person), but we often do not use the correct grammar. so you could probably say it either way, but if you don’t want people to think you sound funny and you also want correct grammer, just say something like “I am, too” or “I will, too”. most people think that sounds okay.

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