Is a safe website to watch movies???

pirating movies is illegal

when you go to prison and you drop the soap and someone tells you to bend over and you say “i am in here for pirating movie”

Gen Videos Movies

Nope. As soon as I want on it wanted me to install “Adobe Flash Player” which I already have. I clicked “quit” but it downloaded anyway. I immediately moved the file to trash but a site popped up that said: your mac has been infected with a virus. I haven’t seen any effects yet, but I’m worried.

No websites that offer free movies is a safe site. All of those sites are “use at your own risk.”

YouTube is actually starting to put up movies. And, of course, it’s free.

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I dont think so.. Coz lately ive started watching movies on genvideos and my pc started acting weird

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Well, I ve seen two movies from it already- The Titanic and The Fifth Wave. But now I m trying to watch a new movie and it says your IPad has been infected by 4 viruses. It s probably fake, though. I still don t completely trust it, though. I recommend typing the movie you want to watch first on a search site and then adding genvideos to it at the end. Not completely sure though! It might be dangerous, just warning.

I’d read a booklet but I need silence and I watch television for Big Bang theory family man spongebob funny or movies on the whole chuck me a good book and I am going to read it I’m not old a professor or a nerd

On average I read 4 -5 books a complete week. But when there is something excellent on TV then I will watch it


Other than those annoying ads which you just click off the site is fine don’t worry


it is if you ignore the ads.just in case run an antivirus scan

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