hybrid moments by the misfits what is it about?

The song has no official meaning, at least none of the band members have said what was the inspiration of that one (whoever wrote it)

Most, (if not all) Misfits songs are based/inspired on old horror films. To me, I think this song it’s about Frankenstein’s monster and the wife, because that would explain ”hybrid”.
Like Frankenstein [monster] wants a woman, the too hybrid bride is scared, he wants to sleep with her, she resists, he is like trying to persuade but kinda roughly as his nature… ”give me a moment”…he ɾąքҽ s her.

That’s just my interpretation.

This page is nice, people post their opinions and interpretations:

Hybrid Moments Lyrics

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hybrid moments by the misfits what is it about?

I think the man likes it when her makes his girl because in that hybrid moment she lets her guard down and shows her true self

I think it’s about the movie aliens if you look at the lyrics it makes sense the face huggers are creature that ɾąքҽ your face and xenomorphs the aliens are hybrids

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