is the site tubeplus safe?

Just finished watching season seven on netflix, and want to catch up and watch season 8, however hulu only has some episodes. A friend recommended but it wants me download a new flashplayer that looks unprofessional and redirects me to this site if i try to x out,, “player” isn’t even spelled right so i’m wary.

Season 8 of what? That would help us to tell you where you can watch it. What is “”? I’ve never heard of the extension “.me”? If you MEANT “”, then yes, it’s safe:…

Typically, you wouldn’t go to hulu, etc. anyway. You’d go to the website or network page that created the series. For instance, I had the same problem a while back. The show I was wanting to watch was on the USA network so I went to the USA network webpage and watched it. It had commercials but I still got to watch the latest episode.

Hello Just to add my 2 cents: is definitely not a “safe” website. It has loads and loads of viruses in hidden links that you have to get out of the way before you can play your video. I know this because I use tubeplus everyday to watch latest episodes of all the shows I like. I just finished reformatting my laptop that picked up a virus from tubeplus that I could not not get rid of using various anti-virus and malware blockers.

I never click on any links or download files but do you realize that you need to click on the play button like 3-4 times before you play your video? Those are the hidden malware links you cannot avoid. BTW I used adblockplus which removed many of those “ads” but a number of them still remained.

If you have to watch movies on or .com or whatever just know what you are getting into. Dont use it on a PC with sensitive information or any valuable data.

Tube Plus

the site was once very good but not now pop-ups pages will not let you out ! you will need to do a hard shut down of your computer to got off the pop-up page .

I use that site all the time! it works well and wont give you viruses so long as you dint click on the ads. when you start to play the episode there will be an ad, and under it it will say close ad and continue as a free user. click that. then an ad will pop up. ex out of it. now where it said close ad and continue as a free user it will say start video now. click on that. then enjoy your video

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What ever you do don’t install anything it says u need, they are viruses. If you want to check if you do need the upgrade go to the official flashplayer site. tubeplus is safe to use(I hope anyway) just don’t install anything it pops up with and you should be ok.

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this link brings you to a website that says norton ran a test to see if the link is safe or not. it says it is safe. i use this website all the time and never had a problem. just dont click on the ads.

I use the site in a sandboxed browser and have not had an issue. I use

If your having second thought about downloading a program its prob smart not to download it.

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