Is “highschool” one or two words? (American-English)?

High school is written in two words, both in American and British English. Also note: elementary school, secondary school, middle school…

Source(s): Studied English and I have also worked in both elementary and secondary/high schools.

It is two words when you mean the place: I go to high school, Jefferson High School, Where is the high school? etc

You will see both high school and high-school when the word is used to describe something else: a high-school student or a high school student, a high-school musical or a high school musical. The trend is not to use the hyphen unless the expression is unclear without it.

It is never one word like “highschool.”

It’s two words “High School”

two words- American eng

secondary school- British Eng

two words…in all versions of English.

Answer 6

high school is two words

Answer 7


high school is always two words. and it is not capitalized unless you are talking about a specific high school. such as LaFollette High School.

Source(s): graduated high school

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