what are the meaning of the lyrics “staying in my paper tent…” mean.?

Its in the song Habits by Tove Lo remixed by Hippie Sabotage

Type the name of the song into google followed by lyric meanings.
My guess is being in a fragile world outside of the normal reality. They are in something and not just in it but staying in it and it’s made of paper so fragile can rip.

Paper Tent

Putting way to much thought into it guys. I don’t think there is a hidden meaning here. Her music isn’t really that deep.

A “paper tin” is:
(Noun) Cylindrical object; that one might very well use to quite easily hold their stash or “habit” very close to them.
example, unmarked bottle of your favorite pills or powder.

She is singing about staying high to avoid thinking about someone. Staying in her “paper tin” where she keeps her dope.

Actually the lyrics says: staying in my play pretend where the fun ain’t got no end.

That means that she keeps pretending that she is happy in a never ending party because she don’t want to face the depressing reality of losing a loved one.

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