In herman melville’s moby-duck, what is queequeg’s job aboard the boat?

The answer is b a comparison without the use of like or as

harpooner. Explanation: Queequeg is a fictional character in Melville´s famous novel. He is the first main character that the narrator, Ishmael, encounters. A friendship is quickly formed between the two, and even though Ishamel is a white sailor and Queequeg is a descendant of a South Sea chieftain, in their relations aboard the ship (Queequeg being a harpooner), Melville shows a marked sensibility to racial diversity and equality amongst different peoples.

i decided to stay late in the laboratory to continue my experiment with the lightbulb. at midnight, thomas edison opened the door and walked in with his head held high. 1. he leaned on the wall and observed me carefully. 2. his harsh scrutiny made me self-conscious of my skills in the lab. 3. perhaps it was just me, but the air in the laboratory began to thicken as i found myself having difficulty to breathe. 4. i turned to look at him fully as i mentally prepared myself for what my very first words would be to thomas edison. 5. the next couple of seconds shocked me. it wasn’t me who spoke, but rather him and with diction i could never think of using in a simple sentence. — hey, sorry if this was bad, i really didn’t know what to write but i wanted to you. is there anything that you had to include within the excerpt?

He is a harpooner. hope this helps

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