How tall was Stevie Ray Vaughan?


Reading the 3rd answer down makes me wonder why the Police Dept. would list his height incorrectly hrmmm.

If you scroll down on the link I put, you will see the police record with his height.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Height

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How tall was Stevie Ray Vaughan?

I was in the same elevator with Stevie once and the first thing that struck me was how short he was. I am exactly 6′ tall and he was at least 5 or 6 inches shorter than me. So just guessing I would have to say 5’6” or 5’7”. If you look at pictures of Stevie holding his guitar you can tell that he wasn’t a very big man , but he sure played some very big music.

Source(s): Yeah, I’m sure the police department never makes any mistakes ……lol ……….hmmmmmmmmm

I think he was around 6 feet tall. Or, at least, that’s how tall he looked.
When you’re a blues legend like he is, you are tall!

Source(s): I’m a blues junky

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I heard from a good source that he was 6/7 and could dunk a basketball

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He was 5’5″. I know how everyone likes to exaggerate because society is so obsessed with height but the truth remains. He looked taller because he was skinny/lanky and he wore tall boots.

SRV may not have been physically tall, but he certainly was a GIANT. r.i.p.





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