what is the tire pressure for a 195/60 r15 tire?

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it depends more on the vehicle it’s fitted to, rather than the tyre, a standard pressure for a car is 30 psi, if you can’t find the correct pressure for your car at the moment this won’t be far out

Do not fill it with the tire pressure that it says on the side wall! Many tires will say 50 psi or higher but you only want what is recommended by your cars manufacture. It should say on a sticker inside the drivers door, or in the owners manual. It should be 30-35.

I run 32 to 36 psi on most of my car tires, for more info specific to you can also look on the sidewall of the tire. look for something that says “at rated load max PSI” it should say 32 or 36 psi.

My recommendation is 32 PSI for a softer ride & a little less MPG or up to 36 PSI for a firmer ride and better MPG.

Most garages with airlines have a chart with the make of vehicle and tyre size.Check that as they can vary from vehicle to vehicle.

The pressure is not tyre dependent, it is car dependent.

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Look on the sidewall of the tire, all tire manufacturers put suggested pressure info on their tires

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what is the tire pressure for a 195/60 r15 tire?

If you’re in the market for a new set of tires, you’ll want to make sure that you do your research and know the correct tire pressure for your car. This guide will teach you exactly what the tire pressure for a 195/60 r15 tire is and how to get it adjusted.

The Difference Between a 195/60 r15 and a 205/55 r16 Tire

Tire pressure is important for your car’s safety. It affects the way your car handles and performs on the road.

The tire pressure for a 195/60 r15 tire is 13 psi. The tire pressure for a 205/55 r16 tire is 14 psi.

The Pressure Required for a 195/60 r15 Tire

A tire is designed to carry a certain amount of weight, and the pressure inside it is related to the load that it can carry. The higher the inflation pressure, the more load your tire can hold.

Tire pressure is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch). Your car’s manual will list the recommended tire pressure for your make and model of vehicle. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Some factors that affect tire pressure are:
-The weight of the vehicle
-Your speed
-The terrain you’re driving on
-The temperature

The Pressure Required for a 205/55 r16 Tire

The tire pressure for a 205/55 r16 tire is about 21 psi.

How to Check the Tread Depth on Your Tire

If you’re wondering what the proper tire pressure for your vehicle is, you can check it with a simple tool. All you need is a tire gauge and a floor jack.

To check the tread depth on your tire, first find the valve stem on the tire, which is usually in the center of the sidewall. Pry open the valve using a screwdriver or Allen key, then use the gauge to measure how much air is in the tire. Once you have this information, use it alongside your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure to come up with a proper PSI rating.


In general, the tire pressure for a 195/60 r15 tire should be approximately 23 psi.

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