What does heroic downfall mean? What is an Achilles’ heel?

Achilles, the great warrior was unbeatable, there was no way to beat him till gods told Hector, his rival about the weak point of Achilles which was the spot above his heels at the back of the ankle, Hector shot an arrow at the vulnerable spot and brought Achilles down.
That is why we still have Achilles heel, meaning our weakness.
Achilles down fall was the heroic downfall.

A heroic downfall can be perceived as lots of things. It could be that a hero has met his end or it could also mean that the end of someone was “heroic” or honorable and memorable.
The term Achilles’ heel is based off of a great warrior in Greek mythology. He was apparently invulnerable but he met his downfall when Hector shot an arrow into Achilles’ Heel. When it is used in dialogue (example: “Everyone has an Achilles’ heal) it basically means your weakness.

What Does Heroic Mean

It’s could mean multiple things, it’s could just mean dying or failing in a heroic fashion

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