How much is 14 mg of gold worth?

Are those non monetary reproductions of gold buffalo head coins a scam? They say they are clad in 14mg of 24karat gold.

14 milligrams is equal to = 0.000450110452 troy ounces.
At 6:25 pm cdt on 4/5/11 the spot price for one troy ounce of gold was $1,453.99
0.000450110452 x $1,453.99 = aprox $0.65.

Non-monetary reproductions of gold buffalo head coins…lol. They’re worth how ever much you got them for minus about $19.98

3 quid

$0.61768 I heard that they were a scam

you better be sharing some of that gold with me

Answer 6

5 million dollars.

Answer Prime

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