How does the division of the poem into two stanzas contribute to its meaning?

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One can see in the peom “a dream within a dream” by Edgar Allen Poe how that the thread of irony is used to sew the two stanzas. Explanation: Here are some characteristics of a stanza as feature in poetry • A unit of lines grouped together. • Similar to a paragraph in prose. • A Stanza consists of two or more lines of poetry that together form one of the divisions of a poem. • The stanzas of a poem are usually of the same length and follow the same pattern of meter and rhyme and are used like paragraphs in a Stanza story. • the division of the poem into two stanzas provides another block to add part of the plot.

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The two stanzas contributed to the meaning of the poem ” A dream within a dream” because although the stanzas are not identical in length, their similar use of iambic rythm and couplets and triplets in their end rhyme scheme helps create a pattern which matches the parrallel of their ideas. Explanation: The two stanzas are linked through the ironic similarity of their nature. The first stanza of the poem shows the first person point of view of the narrator parting from a lover and afger bidding goodbye from his lover, He thinks that their union is nothing but a dream. whereas the second stanza places futilely trying to grasp a handful of sand in his hand. The grains of sand suggest those found in an hour glass.

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