How do you say “Time Freeze” in Japanese?

Above topic.

The literal translation is “zikan touketsu”(時間凍結)

time = zikan(時間)
freeze(if you mean ‘a temporary stopping of something’ by it) = touketsu(凍結)

I don’t think my translation is wrong(as i’m a top contributor of “languages”…..oh! sorry for boasting^^), however, even if we Japanese hear the term, it would be impossible to understand it unless you explain it with some additional details.

If you cannot be convinced, let me know, please. Then i can be of your more help.

PS: You are kinda in the wrong category, i mean, if you post to “language” category, you can get more as well as more prompt answers.

Anyway, hope i helped.^^

Source(s): I’m a hundred percent Japanese.

Japanese Time Freeze

This Site Might Help You.

How do you say “Time Freeze” in Japanese?
Above topic.
I wanna know how to say it for Japanese For example, you say “Hai” which means yes.
Google translate gives me the japanese word in the japanese language, I want the semi-english of how to say it

These could have what you’re after but I ain’t promising.


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