How do i summon a Fox Spirit/Kitsune?

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I have been learning about Japanese legends and myths and i have been trying to find a way to summon a Fox Spirit/Kitsune.

Kitsune have several aspects:

1. Some are the guardians/messengers of Inari and are found at the entrance to every Inari shrine. There are people who say they have had visions of these kitsune–typically after a long period of performing misogi (waterfall austerity).

2. Some kitsune are tricksters similar to the coyote in Amerindian myths or Leprechauns in Irish myths. When they interact with humans they weigh the person on their own scale and reward or punish as they see fit. These kitsune may also be shape-shifters. It’s best to leave them strictly alone. It’s said that a kitsune in human form can only talk in partial sentences. The common telephone greeting in Japan, “moshi moshi” is done so that the person can tell you are not a kitsune. The kitsune would only be able to say “moshi”.

3. Some kitsune are just foxes (kitsune being the Japanese word for fox).

Legend has it that kitsune come and go at their own will. They can’t be summoned, and if they could be, you would be in for a bad time. Fox-possession isn’t something that you would want to have.

For more information about kitsune, get the book “The Fox and the Jewel”. It’s available at Amazon.

Fox spirits are sometimes called fox demons. They cannot be summoned, there are no recorded history in Japan or China or Korea, that tells of someone summoning them. They come and go as they please.

You want a companion that is not human?

There is literature in Japanese and Chinese that warn…”Do not go looking for them”

Many English literature books such as…the fox and the jewel are written by a Westerner that went to Asia and the locals gave them what they thought they wanted to hear.

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i understand of purely 2 kinds of fox “spirits” certainly one of them is the Fox animal totem which you will no longer communicate or work together with except you have a fox totem. the 2d is the kitsune from eastern folklore which, in accordance to eastern folklore, can not be summoned. additionally, i’ve got study that kitsune deliver undesirable luck and misfortune in the event that they seem in religious type so it may be a foul concept to summon one besides. i think of that your appropriate wager could be to seem to your totem and want that its a fox. the element approximately totems is they are no longer inevitably “spirits”, they are in simple terms aspects of your character and unconscious that your ideas has linked with the symbolic meaning of an animal and has manifested those aspects in this style of the pronounced animal. In different words, your totem is basically an animal manifestation of who you’re. the appropriate thank you to attempt to touch your animal totem is thru meditation. i’ve got secure a internet site under materials that has extra tips about totems/spirit guides besides as counsel for a thank you to meditate with a view to touch your totem. stable luck!

Look for the signs. Kitsune aren’t total spiritual entites-they hide themselves with society. Kitsune can seem like people who act like ‘dogs’ or ‘wolves’ but if you notice, they aren’t typically as bold and loud. In fact, a lot are shy.

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You don’t want a fox spirit as a partner unless you actually know what you’re dealing with. Choose a different animal.

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You need to light several orange/red candles during a full moon whilst caressing a fox’s tail.

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why u need to make an companion with an devil.. r u introverted.. shy to approach people.. their r not such thunk like fox spirit.. it’s just fairy tail..

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How do i summon a Fox Spirit/Kitsune?

If you’re looking to summons a fox spirit or kitsune, there are a few things you need to know. First, you need to find out their name. You can usually figure this out by consulting a book of fox lore or by asking around. Once you have their name, you need to make an offering. This could be anything from food to flowers. Lastly, you need to chant their name three times while picturing them in your mind’s eye. If done correctly, the fox spirit will appear and help you with whatever task you’ve asked them to do!

Fox Spirits/Kitsunes are Mythological Creatures

Fox spirits/kitsunes are creatures that originate from Japanese folklore. They are typically depicted as foxes with the head and body of a human, or vice versa. They are often said to be able to transform into human form, and can be very helpful to people who know how to summon them.

Some people believe that fox spirits play a role in predicting the future, or acting as messengers between the living and the dead. Others believe that they can have magical powers, such as being able to bring good luck or ward off evil.

Whatever their abilities may be, it’s worth trying to summon a fox spirit/kitsune if you’re interest in Japanese folklore. There are several ways to do this, so find one that works best for you and get started!

How to Summon a Fox Spirit/Kitsune

If you’re looking to summon a fox spirit or kitsune, there are a few things you’ll need in order to do so.

First, you’ll need some type of incense or charcoal burner. Burning these items will help to attract the fox spirit or kitsune to you.

Next, you’ll need some rice. The rice can be either white or brown, but it’s most important that it is fresh. Place a bowl of rice on the floor near your front door and light a candle on top of it. The smell of the rice will help to lure the fox spirit or kitsune out.

Finally, you’ll need something to eat. Offer the fox spirit or kitune some small food items like grapes or figs.

What to do if You Encounter a Fox Spirit/Kitsune

If you encounter a fox spirit/kitsune, the best thing to do is to leave it alone. If you are close to the animal, it may try to attack. If that happens, fight back as best you can and make sure to stay away from its eyes.


If you’re looking to call upon the services of a fox spirit, or kitsune, there are a few things you’ll need to do in order for the summoning to be successful. First and foremost, you’ll need to ensure that the fox is happy and content. You can do this by offering it food and drink that pleases it – something with a high level of nutrients and lots of amino acids will work well. Next, you’ll need some sort of container in which to house the spirit – an urn or cauldron is ideal. Finally, make sure your ceremony is performed during the moon’s waning phase (between 12am and 6am), when foxes are most active.

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